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Mike Eden, founder of Eden Tool and President of Eden Manufacturing, passed away unexpectedly over the 2021 Christmas holiday. Mike will be missed. A scholarship has been setup in his honor.


New! Announcing Eden Manufacturing, providing injection mold trials, process development, prototype production, and contract production for medical-related products.

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About Eden Tool Company

Eden Tool vendor award from AlconAlcon ClearCut™ parts made from Eden Tool molds,
shown with Alcon vendor award
Eden Tool Company is a plastic injection mold manufacturer located in Eastern Pennsylvania. We serve plastic molders throughout the USA, Mexico, and South America in medical products as well as agriculture, commercial, automotive, electronics, construction and industrial products markets. We provide complete design, build, validation, and service support.

Founded in 2000, Eden Tool was formed with a desire to provide top-quality plastic injection molds and tooling at fair prices. We strive to build a special relationship with our clientele, working to design and engineer our molds for performance and value with reliability.

 Q5A7308 Eden 0386Put our team of plastic mold making professionals to
work on your most demanding projects
Hard milling is a specialty at Eden Tool. The advantages are many, including speed, accuracy, and surface finish. Modern Machine Shop Magazine featured an article about Eden Tool and our hard milling that can be seen at

If you need new plastic injection molds for one simple part, or an entire family of parts, short run or high production, contact us to see how we can help your productivity and your bottom line.

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A Penchant for Performance

You may wonder about the flames on our logo. You may notice the hot-rod Nova in our website's background. Or maybe you're wondering about our checkered flag theme throughout the shop photos.  We love high performance, not just in our cars, but in our molds too. 

Get to know us and you'll see that we live and breathe performance in everything we do. Like our cars, we take mold making to the extreme, maintaining the tightest tolerances and highest standards for molds that perform every day for precision, quality parts you can count on.

Bad-ass 1970 NovaBad-ass 1970 Nova
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