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Mike Eden, founder of Eden Tool and President of Eden Manufacturing, passed away unexpectedly over the 2021 Christmas holiday. Mike will be missed. A scholarship has been setup in his honor.


New! Announcing Eden Manufacturing, providing injection mold trials, process development, prototype production, and contract production for medical-related products.

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The Eden Tool Legacy

AICO American Insulator Corp. circa 1984New Freedom, PA was once home to one of the largest custom molders in America. Beginning in 1916, the American Insulator Corporation (AICO) was a pioneer of the plastic molding industry. Innovative molding techniques used and refined here include cold molding, compression molding, transfer molding, and the injection of thermosetting and thermoplastics. “The Insulator” as it is still referred to today, ceased operations in the mid 1980s and the expansive facilities are now just a memory.

Many successful molders and mold manufacturers in the region got their start because of AICO. The spirit of innovation that built AICO lives on in many mold makers who learned the trade at this revered industry leader.

Eden Tool Company is a blend of youth and experience, passion and knowledge, steeped in a legacy of craftsmanship and innovation. Nearly a hundred years' history works with the latest technology to provide you the most efficient means of building molds.

As the molding industry continues to evolve, Eden Tool works every day to push the envelope and provide you a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.