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Mike Eden, founder of Eden Tool and President of Eden Manufacturing, passed away unexpectedly over the 2021 Christmas holiday. Mike will be missed. A scholarship has been setup in his honor.


New! Announcing Eden Manufacturing, providing injection mold trials, process development, prototype production, and contract production for medical-related products.

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Virtual Tour Video - January 2021

Introduction to Eden Tool Company and Announcement of Eden Manufacturing.

Eden Tool Introduction Video Transcript


Mike Eden, President, Eden Tool:

The love of cars for me started at a very early age. I was always into performance, loud cars to extreme pro street cars. This car, for instance, this car is extreme. This is a street car, it's not a race car but again to the extreme, just like we do at Eden Tool, everything's to the extreme. We don't buy the low-end pieces of equipment. We buy high-end pieces of equipment. It's all about precision, accuracy, attention to detail, and predictable machining here at Eden Tool.


David Tomic, Vice President, Eden Tool:

Eden Tool is known for its hard milling capabilities, but it's so much more. Hard milling is the foundation for predictable manufacturing. Predictable manufacturing is the ability to know when to use hard milling, when to sink EDM, and when to wire-cut to our advantage. Predictable manufacturing is the ability to consistently achieve intended results, allowing for lights-out and unattended manufacturing. Relationships with technology partners are very important to us, not just the out of the box technology. Still, we want to understand the technology and adapt it and make it our own. We tweak everything.


Mike Eden:

One of the main reasons for Eden Tool's success over the last 20 years has been relationships. Relationships with vendors, relationships with customers but more importantly, relationships with our employees. We have employee retention over the last 20 years, never lost a full-time employee yet. Once we started the Eden Tool's apprenticeship program, it was a big change for our seasoned toolmakers. With pride, we had learning from a seasoned toolmaker, and we are now able to take that knowledge and pass it on to a younger generation. The energy that these kids bring to the table is by far priceless.


Jake Eden, Engineering, Eden Tool:

When I realized what I could do, so there's a boy in the community who lost his leg from the knee down, and I got a real close relationship with him, and ever since then, I realized what an impact medical devices could have on people, and I knew I wanted to make an impact. I saw my opportunity here. I can't wait to be a part of Eden Manufacturing and propel that into the future.