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There's always something going on at Eden Tool! We continually invest in new technology and equipment to manufacture the best possible molds in minimal time.

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New! Announcing Eden Manufacturing, providing injection mold trials, process development,
 prototype production, and contract production for medical-related products.

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Our photo gallery has exhibit areas on molds, tools and inserts, and parts, as well as numerous photos of our facilities and people at work. While Eden Tool provides only the molds, tooling, and mold support services to make plastic parts, the part imagery is provided to show examples of the variety of products produced in molds from Edent Tool Company. Select the exhibit you want to navigate to from the menus or the images below.

Note that we only show photos authorized by our customers. The majority of our parts can not be shown due to proprietary design features and non-disclosure agreements.

Photography by Craig Rohrbaugh, Eden Tool Co.


Hard milling is key to our productivity and success at Eden Tool and it's exciting technology to watch because of the precise high-speed moves. Check out our videos - click here.

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