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Mike Eden, founder of Eden Tool and President of Eden Manufacturing, passed away unexpectedly over the 2021 Christmas holiday. Mike will be missed. A scholarship has been setup in his honor.


New! Announcing Eden Manufacturing, providing injection mold trials, process development, prototype production, and contract production for medical-related products.

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Precision is our Foundation

 Q5A7024 Eden 0102Hard milling is the bedrock of our precision at Eden Tool. Teamed with our skilled craftsmen, hard milling delivers consistent, accurate resultsEden Tool Company is a joining of modern tools and the skill of old world craftsmen, and we understand today’s projects require tighter tolerances than ever before.

Demanding medical parts requiring tolerances of +/-0.0002" or better are what we're known for. Years of consistent performance on life-critical applications like these have earned us a reputation for excellence.

Hard milling is the bedrock of our precision, producing geometrically complex parts to precise tolerances with little to no need for manual work after machining. The advantages are many, including speed, accuracy, and surface finish. But above all, consistency is the largest benefit hard milling brings to our processes.

The most important aspect to our high level of precision is the knowledge and skill of our people. Years of work on critical components have ingrained a culture of striving for perfection. We couldn’t do the kind of work we do without the special team of people we have.

Eden Tool Company takes on the most detailed challenges and meets the tightest of tolerances needed in industry today, because we value precision.