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Sampling & Validation

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Standardized Sampling

At Eden Tool, mold sampling isn't just a step in the process—it's a systematic scientific development step in the process. Building a quality mold is one thing, but ensuring the mold produces high quality parts is vital. Our team has perfected this process throughout years of experience and expertise. Our approach to mold sampling embraces the uniqueness of each project and we understand that each mold carries a unique set of challenges and requirements.


At Eden Tool, we approach mold sampling with a customized mindset, tailoring our methods to suit the intricacies of the specific mold we are sampling. Our team meticulously fine-tunes each aspect of the process to ensure that the sampled molds over perform before it's set out. From the initial prototype to the final production, our team is dedicated to making you shine.

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Eden MFG

To expand on Eden Tool's capabilities and resources Eden Manufacturing was founded in 2019. Having Eden Manufacturing located on the same property has provided a clear advantage for tooling projects. Our sister company allows us to build, sample, and service plastic injection molds quickly and effectively. What sets Eden MFG apart is our ability to vertically integrate
various solutions and pair it with unmatched customer service to add value to our customers.

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