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Turn-Key Builds

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Bridge Molds

Bridge tooling is tailored to address the immediate needs of businesses seeking accelerated timelines or quicker access to essential parts than conventional production tooling allows. Eden Tool's Bridge Tooling offers an elevated approach beyond prototype molding, presenting an array of advantages such as extended tool longevity, heightened output capabilities, and increased flexibility with family tooling.


Our bridge molds are designed to be versatile, accommodating the transition between low-volume prototyping and high-volume production with ease. We focus on building a bridge mold that replicates the molding actions and conditions that would be experienced in the full-scale production mold. At Eden Tool, we understand the challenges of navigating this crucial phase in manufacturing, and our dedicated team is equipped with the expertise to provide bridge mold solutions that optimize both time and cost.

Bridge mold built by Eden Tool being run at Eden Manufacturing

Production Molds

At Eden Tool, we specialize in building Class 101 Tooling. With a focus on delivering high-quality molds and tooling, we leverage cutting-edge machining technology and decades of industry experience to create solutions that stand the test of precision and durability. From low to high volumes, our molds are built to reliably last the entirety of the program lifecycle.


At Eden Tool, we understand that precision tooling is paramount to the success of your product. Our Class 101 Tooling not only meets but exceeds industry benchmarks, ensuring that your manufacturing processes run seamlessly to produce consistent results. Trust Eden to deliver Class 101 tools that not only meet but exceed all expectations, shaping the path to unparalleled precision and efficiency in your production processes.

Production Tool built by Eden Tool Company

Micro Molds

At Eden Tool, we are focused on crafting micro molds with exceptional precision, enabling the production of tiny, high-precision parts. Our dedicated team of engineers leverages the latest technology to push the boundaries of micro molding, ensuring that each mold is designed and manufactured to meet the tolerances and quality standards demanded by micro-scale production.


Our predictable manufacturing philosophy and hard milling background give our team the foundation to hold tight tolerance and build robust micro molding solutions. We look to apply our precision and quality standards in a micro environment to ensure our micro molds are reliable for their entire program lifecycle.

Micro Mold built by Eden Tool Company
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